Metro Motor Coach, LLCMetro Motor Coach, LLC is a Fraser, Michigan based transportation service provider.  We provide transportation services aboard full size motor coaches.  With different sized motor coaches to choose from – Marathon Coach (Up to 40 Guests), Millennium Coach (Up to 55 Guests), Renaissance Coach (Up to 56 Guests), we are able to satisfy the transportation needs of a variety of groups. Since 2010, Metro Motor Coach, LLC has provided safe,  reliable, professionally chauffeured  transportation to parties ranging from birthdays, bachelor /bachelorette, wedding, homecoming, prom, to corporate, faith-based charter bus and motor coach travel.  We’ve distinguished ourselves by providing a premium transportation aboard some of the most luxurious motor coaches available at economical, budget friendly rates.  Simply put, no one in Southeast Michigan offers our line of vehicles and level of service at the prices we offer! We’ve seen the same ads you have from other service providers, touting “We’ve never cancelled a reservation” or “satisfaction guaranteed!”  These aren’t benchmarks of performance.  These are standards expected for every reservation!  Cancelling a reservation is not an option for Metro Motor Coach and neither is anything less that 100% customer satisfaction.  Don’t buy into the gimmicks, go with the company you trust and know to deliver the product and service you have spent your $ on.  Why are our services better than the others?

Because of our dedicated team of professionals who are committed to making each and every one of your transportation services a memorable, enjoyable, and safe experience – from reservations, maintenance, to drivers and vehicles: We care about your safety, comfort, and satisfaction! OUR PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE…   doesn’t exist.  Lets be practical here – we don’t match prices for a reason.  There are a million and a half service providers (licensed and unlicensed, insured and uninsured) running all types of vehicles on the road these days.  When contracting for a charter bus – price shouldn’t be the deciding factor.  Our philosophy has never changed… safety, reliability, and professionalism.  We don’t “ping” our rates off of our competitors simply because they don’t “ping” their values off of ours.  This is why, every now and then, our overall rates are higher than our competitors, but for the most part – Nonetheless,  you will still find we are more economical than others! We have a big bag of hurtful things we can say about other companies, but that’s not why we’re here.  On the same token, it’s unfair and unrealistic to hold Metro Motor Coach up to a higher standard of performance and yet ask to meet the rates of a lesser performing company.

You, as a client – are not shopping for a pair of trousers when chartering a bus.  There remains a very high standard of professionalism (safety & reliability included) within our company, and while we can match vehicles – others cannot match services! As a Better Business Bureau “A” rated company, we continue to maintain our stellar reputation of safe reliable delivery of services.  Everyone has a charter bus or motor coach horror story, we make sure our services never make such lists.


We know what our guests are looking for in transportation service: Safety, Reliability, Professionalism, and Quality Vehicles.  Avoid transportation disappointments by following a few simple guidelines:

– DO use a reputable company.

What is reputable?  The best measure of a company’s reputation is a firsthand account.  Referrals from friends, family, and co-workers can provide an accurate assessment of what you can expect from a service provider.  When dealing with a company without a referral, check their online reputation, look for reviews and ratings from past clients.

– DO check a company’s license.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) provides a comprehensive list of approved (licensed and insured) transportation service providers.  The companies on the MDOT Registry are approved to provide transportation service only after they have satisfied and passed standard safety vehicle inspections, minimum insurance requirements, and legal licensing provisions.  Many overlook this quick check into a company’s status.  You and your guests safety and welfare is paramount.  Using unlicensed or under-insured service providers can lead to disaster.  Never enter into a service agreement with a transportation provider prior to checking MDOT REGISTRY  (follow link for a complete list).  If you believe you have entered into a service agreement with an unlicensed service provider contact the MDOT Regulatory Affairs Unit at 1-866-460-6368.

– DO schedule a visit to view a vehicle.

Everyone fears the Bait and Switch when chartering a bus or coach.  The only way to avoid this is by visiting the office of a coach or bus provider and viewing a vehicle you are interested in.  If you cannot physically make it to a location (out of town or too far from a service providers location), send a trusted friend or family member to look at the vehicle you are interested in.  This is key in ensuring that your expectations are met.  When you find the vehicle you are satisfied with, make sure you get a commitment (in writing) from the service provider that that will be the vehicle provided for your event.

– DO NOT charter a vehicle without a contract.

Always enter an expressed agreement in writing with the following information in all contracts: a.) The name and contact information of the company you are using b.) The total price and hourly or daily rate of your service c.) The vehicle unit number(s) or description of the vehicle(s) you are chartering d.) The exact date and times of service.

– DO NOT use a company without a refund policy.

Whether a company has a service or deposit refund policy is an important issue.  All reputable companies have a detailed refund policy (which should be included in your service agreement).   This will help protect you from unforeseen cancellations (emergencies, etc.).  If possible, use a company which not only has a service refund policy but a Deposit Refund policy as well.

– DO NOT shop on price alone.

A charter company promising to ‘beat all competitors pricing’  is not the same as a department store matching the sale price of their rival.   Charter buses and motor coaches are expensive.  Do not rationalize paying a bottom dollar price for a premium service.  Keep in mind that company’s providing inferior services are notorious for matching or beating competitor pricing.

– DO NOT over-invite guests.

When planning your event transportation, calculate the total number of guests you expect.  If you contract for a vehicle that accommodates 20 passengers, do not expect to squeeze  additional guests on.  It is a violation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency regulations, Michigan Department of Transportation regulations, and common sense to exceed the legal occupancy of a charter bus or coach.  Your charter bus or motor coach driver will not allow more passengers aboard than the stated legal capacity of the vehicle.

– DO have fun.

Make the most of your event transportation service with the people you care about most.  Do not get caught up on small unforeseen inconveniences that may arise.  The small stain on the red carpet that was rolled out for you will not ruin your evening!