Terms and Conditions

RESERVATIONS, DEPOSITS, & CANCELLATIONS:  Reservations for service, assurances of performance conveyed verbally, electronically, by mail or letter will not be deemed final without a reservation deposit having been posted and accepted by The Motor Coach Company. Deposit amounts are to be determined at the time of reservation and must be posted and cleared in consideration for transportation services. Reservations and promises for performance where reservation deposits have not been received by The Motor Coach Company will not be deemed binding. Notice of cancellation of reservation may be delivered in letter form, electronic communique, or verbally directly to The Motor Coach Company, its employees, and agents. No credit or refund will be issued for funded trips that are canceled.

SERVICE:  Services are to be provided as per contract.  Itinerary deviations, alternate requested routes, additional stops, and / or delays authorized by group leaders may be subject to additional charge. The Motor Coach Company shall not be liable for circumstances beyond its control leading to service interruptions and/ or service delays including but not limited to weather, road conditions, and extreme weather temperatures.  Should the need arise, The Motor Coach Company reserves the right to subcontract and/or substitute vehicles in order to help ensure that we are able to deliver the contracted service to the undersigned. Should there be any issue that affects the undersigned’s service delivery and expectations The Motor Coach Company reserves the sole right to determine what, if any, recompense as well as the manner of said recompense to the undersigned or affected party will be provided. The Motor Coach Company considers its reputation as well as the service expectations of the undersigned in every decision it makes and strives to satisfy all service, equipment, and transportation considerations and expectations.

ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, and NARCOTICS: a.)Smoking and the use of tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, “snuff”, electronic cigarettes, and other tobacco substitutes are strictly prohibited on The Motor Coach Company vehicles.  b.) Alcohol MAY NOT be consumed by persons under the age of 21 on The Motor Coach Company Vehicles. Selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor (persons under the age of 21) is a violation of Michigan Statute MCL 436.1701.  MCL 436.1701 Section 2 states that a person who is not a retail licensee or a retail licensee’s clerk, agent, or employee and who violates this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000.00 and imprisonment for not more than 60 days for a first offense, a fine of not more than $2,500.00 and imprisonment for not more than 90 days for a second or subsequent offense, and may be ordered to perform community service”.  c.) Narcotics, controlled substances that are prohibited, or that are consumed in violation of government regulation are prohibited FROM USE AND TRANSPORT on The Motor Coach Company vehicles.  Breach of this policy, in whole or in part, is grounds for immediate termination of service agreement and forfeiture of payments for service.

PASSENGER CONDUCT:  Passengers, and invited guests are advised that the safety and welfare of our passengers, drivers, and fellow motorists is paramount.  a.)  Any conduct that is disruptive to the drivers safe operation of the vehicle they are directing is unacceptable and grounds for individual exclusion from transportation services or termination of service agreement.  b.) Passengers must obey all safety, emergency, and operational instructions from the driver and posted placards.  c.) Passengers MAY NOT open / operate any of the emergency exits on their vehicle at any time unless under emergency conditions. d.) The Lessee is responsible for damage, defacing, repair costs caused by any of Lessee’s invited passengers to the operation of emergency apparatus. placards, and operation if damage to these devices occurs under conditions other than those of an emergency.

INCIDENTAL DAMAGES: The Lessee will be held liable for all damage to The Motor Coach Company vehicles (interior and exterior) arising from passenger misuse or malicious destruction of property including vehicle upholstery, electronics, media devices, power receptacles, coach fixtures, & restroom.  The undersigned agrees not to contest the scope and cost of repairs to damages arising out of passenger misuse, malicious destruction, or otherwise unreasonable use of The Motor Coach Company vehicles once repairs have been completed.  Should any passenger(s) exhibit aggressive, malicious, destructive behavior toward The Motor Coach Company personnel or property, The Motor Coach Company reserves the right to immediately terminate its service agreement with the Lessee.

EXCESSIVE CLEANING: The Lessee will be held liable for excessive cleaning fees arising out of misuse or malicious use of The Motor Coach Company vehicles including: a.) Emesis Cleaning (Vomit), b.) Biohazard Cleaning (Blood and other Bodily Fluids/Waste), c.) Smoke Damage (Cigarette Burns), d.) Smoke Residue, e.) Stains & Adhesives, f.) Disposing of unpermitted items in the coaches waste (toilet) system. Vehicle Cleanliness is the responsibility of the group. A cleaning fee of up to $250 may be assessed for trash, unsanitary debris, emesis cleaning and/or spills left in the vehicle. Additional fees could be invoiced to correct damages and sanitation standards. ANY PHYSICAL DAMAGE by passengers as a result of liquid stains, adhesives (gum) will result in an additional cleaning assessment fees.  GUESTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO REMOVE ALL TRASH FROM THE VEHICLES PROVIDED at the end of their service period to avoid any possible additional charges.

OVERTIME CHARGES: Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle availability, and rounded off to the next hour, the overtime charges start if the clients exceeds the agreed upon drop off time on the trip confirmation. Overtime charges are calculated based on individual contracts and services provided.  Availability of overtime is not guaranteed.