Charter Bus Rental Addison Township MI

Addison Township is part of Oakland County and includes the village of Leonard as well as several other small communities. Named for early pioneer settler Addison Chamberlain, it encompasses an area of roughly 37 square miles. Home to just over 6,000 residents, this small community enjoys the small town community feel with the nearby convenience of the Metro Detroit area.

Addison is located near to many public parks, recreational areas and lakes including the largest nearby lake, Lakeville Lake. In addition, the Watershed Preserve, a 229 acre nature preserve in northern Addison Township is also popular to residents and visitors alike. Within the preserve, four kettle lakes, wetlands and forests provide ample natural resources for those who enjoy hiking, biking, cross country skiing and even horseback riding.

Further natural areas located in or near Addison Township include Lake George, Lakeville Lake and the largest and most well known of these areas, the Addison Oaks County Park. Part of the Oakland County Parks and Trails which was established in 1966, this large and scenic 1,140 acre park includes two lakes and spring fed ponds and was recently rated on of the top 10 best family-friendly places to hike by MetroParent Magazine.

Will you be traveling in Addison Township and think you may benefit from a charter bus rental? How about traveling to Cedar Point from Addison Township with a church, youth group or other group of people?

Whether you are from Addison Township or will be traveling to Addison Township with from the Metro Detroit region, your group will enjoy comfortable and convenient transportation with Metro Motor Coach.

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Charter Bus Rental Addison Township MI

Metro Motor Coach is a leading charter bus transportation provider in Addison Township and throughout the Detroit area. If you have a group who is in need of transportation, large or small, we can help. Review our buses at the link above or feel free to contact us directly at 248.390.7664 to discuss your needs. For a free quote for services, simply fill out the form below.