Charter Bus Rental Novi Township MI

Novi Township has its roots in Farmington Township. In 1832, the residents sought to establish their own community identity. In response to a request for a shorter name, the name Novi Township was suggested by the wife of Dr. J. C Emery, and the residents adopted it. There is a colorful local story that that claims the name has its origins in the sixth tollgate of the Grand River toll road (No. VI); however, the township was established in 1832 and the road wasn’t built until the 1850’s. Today, the township has a population of only 150 people, and because of this, there is no township hall. Despite its small size, Novi Township is still granted full powers under Michigan law, and elections and meetings are held in the homes of board members. Whether you’re from the tiny township of Novi, or from a bustling city, our busy lives still involve work, family, and friends. When it’s time to get everyone together and hit the road, a charter bus rental is a smart option for transportation.

You may not think that your group is big enough for a charter bus rental, but there are luxury motor coaches available in sizes to meet your needs. These comfortable charters offer amenities that will make your journey a pleasure. Aside from spacious, cozy seating, you’ll have on-board restrooms, convenience outlets for enjoying and charging your favorite mobile device and plenty of storage for passenger belongings. It’s not uncommon to also find HD televisions, theater-quality surround sound, and a beverage station and Wi-Fi. If your sports team needs to travel, you’re planning a corporate outing, or you’d like to do something a little different for your family reunion this year, a charter bus rental is a comfortable, affordable way to travel.

Will you be traveling in Holly and think you may benefit from a charter bus rental? How about traveling to Cedar Point from Holly with a church, youth group or other group of people?

For groups who are looking for transportation in and around Holly, Metro Motor Coach is a charter bus service rental which can help you get where you want to go. Our buses range from 25 passenger mini buses to full size, 56 passenger buses with a variety of conveniences for your comfort. To take a closer look at any of our charter bus rentals visit our Charter Bus page here.

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Charter Bus Rental Novi Township MI

Metro Motor Coach offers beautiful luxury touring vehicles that are ready to carry you and your group to your next destination. They have the experience to tailor a package for transportation that will fit your budget and exceed your expectations. To find out more, we invite you to contact us today by calling 248.390.7664 or by filling out the contact form below.