Summertime Fun at Cedar Point – Highlighted Changes for 2016

Cedar Point has been a popular summer destination for families and school groups since 1892 when they opened the first roller coaster, the Switchback Railway.  This top-rated amusement park, located on the shore of Lake Erie, is one of the best known in the world and just keeps getting better year after year. Every season brings a taller, faster, and longer roller coaster and 2016 is no exception.  The new coaster, the Valravn, will have you hanging on as you climb 223 feet into the air and just before you drop over … [Read more...]

Cedar Point – Our Favorite Summer Getaway!

Have you seen whats new at Cedar Point?  This year, the nations top amusement park introduced its sixteenth roller coaster ride, "The GateKeeper".  The GateKeeper is a two-minute and 40-second ride traveled on 4,164 feet of track (just over 3/4 of a mile) that hits hits speeds up to 67 mph. It's the longest, fastest winged coaster in the world, with the most inversions and greatest drop. Follow this link to watch The GateKeeper fly.       Too nerve-racking for your taste?  You're in … [Read more...]